Today’s Tribal Child Support Impacts Tomorrow’s Success

Aimee Turner

The day-to-day work of child support is rarely appreciated for the tremendous impact it has on our local communities; however, the difference made can easily be identified in the Office of Child Support Enforcement’s most recent Report to Congress (2015) in which the total amount of support collected jointly by our 62 Tribal partners was more than $50 million involving 53,000 cases. These numbers are a reflection of the Tribal IV-D Child Support communities’ commitment to reduce child poverty and promote self-sufficiency among our tribal families.

It has been less than 15 years since the Final Rule was published which allowed Tribes to pursue federal funding for the operation of IV-D Child Support Enforcement Programs. In these last 15 years, we have worked together to provide a network of programs designed to build a better tomorrow for our children.

Studies show a child born and raised in poverty is more likely to continue a lifetime of financial hardships. By giving children an opportunity to stand on solid ground, we’re setting the wheels in motion for a successful tomorrow.

For centuries our ancestors have told us it is our responsibility to work toward leaving a better tomorrow for those who will follow behind. There is no doubt, we are on a true course to building a foundation that will have a long lasting impact for generations to come.

So on those days when your individual efforts feel insignificant, remember the small difference today may just be the monumental effort that carries one child successfully into the future and impacts the lives of the generations that follow.

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