Committee Listing for 2017

There are six (6) standing** Committees of the NTCSA pursuant to Article IX, Section 9.13 of the Association By-laws and four (4) Board designated Committees. The Committees and their members are as follows:

  • Financial Committee ** – Raegan Hendrickson, Charles Tripp, Sis Horn, Lisa Skenandore, and Kent Walden
  • Membership Committee ** – Raegan Hendrickson, Kent Walden, Sunnie Bisonette, and Jamie Wirth
  • Nominating Committee ** – Amber Ahola, Tish Keahna Kruzen and Aimee Turner
  • Personnel Committee ** – Lisa Skenandore, Raegan Hendrickson, Aimee Turner and Kent Walden
  • By-Laws Committee ** – Charles Tripp, Lisa Skenandore, and Jerry Sweet
  • Resolutions Committee ** – Amber Ahola, Misty Lowley, Kent Walden, and Jerry Sweet
  • Website Committee – Lisa Skenandore, Jamie Wirth, Aimee Turner, and Sunnie Bisonette
  • Site Selection Committee – Lisa Skenandore, Misty Lowley, Charles Tripp, Raegan Hendrickson, and Tish Keahna Kruzen
  • Legal Advisory Committee – Amber Ahola, Tish Keahna Kruzen, Charles Tripp and Marsha Harlan
  • Scholarship Committee – Kent Walden, Charles Tripp, Aimee Turner and Marsha Harlan

The President of the Board shall serve as an ex officio member of all committees.