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Jerry Sweet Scholarship for Tribal Children

The Jerry Sweet Educational Scholarship for Tribal Children was created by the NTCSA Board of Directors for the purpose of awarding financial assistance to children who have benefited from the efforts of our partner tribal child support agencies.

The Jerry Sweet Scholarship for Tribal Children is a competitive scholarship which shall be presented annually upon application to students who meet the criteria as set forth by the NTCSA Board of Directors. Upon award, the scholarship may be used for educational purposes during the first year of college or attendance at a vocational training facility. 

For questions about our Scholarship Award program, contact Marsha Harlan.


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Congratulations Scholarship Recipients!

The NTCSA wishes the following scholarship recipients success in their educational endeavors:

2023 Scholarship Recipients:
Iohseriio Tabor
Taylor Rickman
Tyson McArthur
Violette Corwin
Beauleah Farmer
Cayde David
Kiara Bender
Landen Leader
2022 Scholarship Recipients:
Connor Driver
Kendrick Wheeler
Mason Burris
Karder Blow
Makayla Hartman


2019 Scholarship Recipients:
Brooklyn Marshancl
Louetta Conkocamel
Robin Armagost


2018 Scholarship Recipient:
Jada Burns 


2017 Scholarship Recipients:
Kiana Robideau
Jace Shambo 

Donate to The Jerry Sweet Scholarship Fund

Please consider donating to the NTCSA Scholarship Fund.  With your help, NTCSA can provide financial assistance to tribal children in need and deserving of our support in pursuing their educational dreams. 100% of the contributions will be used for educational purposes on behalf of today’s students who will be tomorrow’s leaders. Donations are tax deductible. No contribution is too big or too small!!

Send checks or money orders to:

NTCSA – Scholarship Fund
PO Box 12765
Green Bay, WI 54307