Setting a Foundation for Better Organization


The National Tribal Child Support Association was founded on the premise that working together as a professional community, Tribes could successfully navigate federal regulations, jurisdictional quagmires and social stigmas to create a system that would provide the most optimal services for tribal children and families.

Since the first meeting in 2001, the purpose of the Association has been to provide a national resource benefiting Tribes whose focus is to improve the lives of native children through child support enforcement efforts. As the number of federally funded Tribal IV-D agencies has increased, so has membership and interest in the Association. The overarching purpose, however, has always remained the same – that is to provide the most up-to-date and innovative resources to the professionals who make a tremendous impact on the lives of our native children and families.

As we move ever closer to our second decade of existence, NTCSA board members are working harder to serve as the voice of a unified child support community. This year, we have launched a brand new website which will serve as our most prominent communication tool. The new site features the most current technology and will serve as one of our most valuable assets to share information with not only child support professionals, but also the mainstream public. In addition, we will be awarding our first scholarship to a student who has benefitted from tribal child support. The Board will adopt sound policies to compliment our by-laws and we will seek innovative strategies to continue our mission. We certainly have come a long way since that small gathering in 2001.

With the dynamics of federal Indian policy changing, we have an obligation to remain steady and prepare the Association to meet the challenges that lie ahead. The current Board of Directors has proven they are willing to set the standard by which all future boards may be measured. By forging a strong foundation today, we can move into the new era with confidence that the National Tribal Child Support Association will remain in tact, will maintain its intended purpose and will continue as the unified voice of our partners in the field of tribal child support.