Purchase Membership

IMPORTANT NOTE: Purchasing a membership is not necessary if you attend the annual training conference. Your conference registration fee includes a 1-year association membership.

*If you are purchasing multiple memberships for your organization, please have a list of individual member names and emails accessible to include in your form.

Notes for Greg:

  1. Individual Non-voting membership – $35/person, unlimited people
  2. Individual membership – $100/person, unlimited people
  3. Tribe Non-voting: 1 time payment of $150 for a tribe with unlimited people
  4. Association nonvoting –  max of 10 people, 1 time $300 payment

Form fields: *association name, *purchaser name, *purchaser email, *purchaser phone, address; nested forms: *member name and *member title/position.

In addition, some forms will have quantity and calculations based on membership above

Period of NTCSA Membership

  1. The annual period of membership shall be September 01 through August 31.
  2. Annual dues shall be due and payable on or before September 01
  3. Any member who has failed to pay current dues by October 01 shall be dropped from the
    membership roster. Such member may be reinstated upon payment of dues.
  4. Payment of dues prior to March 31st shall be treated as dues for that year.
  5. Payments after April 1st shall be treated as payment for the upcoming year.
    No member shall receive compensation for services rendered as a member of the Association